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Happy Birthday Song Ukulele Easy

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  • Title: HOW TO play Happy Birthday on Ukulele | EASY Tutorial (3 Chords)
  • Uploader: Bernadette Teaches Music
  • Duration: 03:44
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  • PublishedAt: 2018-02-09 11:12:56
  • Greetings! In this video we will learn how to play Happy Birthday ok ukulele. Make sure that your instrument is tuned and let’s get started. For most of the song, we will only need chords F and C7. Later in the song we will also use chord Bb (B flat). Here’s some information about Happy Birthday "Happy Birthday to You", also known as "Happy Birthday", is a song traditionally sung to celebrate the anniversary of a person's birth. According to the 1998 Guinness World Records, it is the most recognized song in the English language. The song's base lyrics have been translated into at least 18 languages.The melody of "Happy Birthday to You" comes from the song "Good Morning to All", which has traditionally been attributed to American sisters Patty and Mildred J. Hill in 1893, although the claim that the sisters composed the tune is disputed.” Source link 👉🏼 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Birthday_to_You *** ABOUT THIS UKE Kala Gloss Mahogany Tenor Ukulele KA-TG BUNDLE (approximately $150) 👉 amzn.to/2rlKJAq Kala Gloss Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Kala Tenor Ukulele Gig Bag Snark SN6X Clip-On Chromatic Tuner Aquila New Nylgut Tenor Ukulele Strings REVIEW VIDEO youtu.be/NsXBlVc9Nqw UNBOXING VIDEO youtu.be/NsXBlVc9Nqw *** UNBOXING VIDEOS youtube.com/watch?v=0fBv_X9-iy4&list=PLJFa3EaocfZkVl_c-n1CdU_8QiF4VcWTk *** F A C E B O O K facebook.com/bernadetteteachesmusic T E A C H E R S P A Y T E A C H E R S tinyurl.com/hfy2c35 T W I T T E R @UkuleleSchool E M A I L bernadettemusica@gmail.com WRITE TO ME HERE Bernadette Etcheverry PSC 482 BOX 28 FPO, AP 96362 Hi! My name is Ms. B and I am a happy ukulele teacher working in Okinawa, Japan. The number one goal for this channel is to build relationships with people who love music, love to learn, and love to support each other. Please drop a comment below and let us know where you're from :) I hope you found value in this video. Please let me know if there is a video I can make that will help you.

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