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Catholic Songs To Mary

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  • Title: THE MARIAN COLLECTION (21 songs with lyrics to sing along)
  • Uploader: godstillloves
  • Duration: 07:10
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  • PublishedAt: 2020-04-22 09:49:38
  • (DOWNLOAD THE LYRICS AND MUSIC SCORE BELOW) The Marian Collection is a tribute to the mother of Jesus Christ and therefore, to the world's first Christ-Bearer. It is a modest attestation to the joy of believing in a God who renews and redeems the world through the generous cooperation of ordinary, insignificant people ready to make His dream a reality in their everyday lives - just like Mary. PRODUCTION: Fr. Edwin D'souza, SDB, Director, Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna, Matunga, Mumbai 19. EXECUTION: Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, SDB, Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai 19. TRANSLATION & Adaptation of Italian hymns: Fr. Peter Gonsalves, SDB, Salesian University, Rome. COMPILATION of Music Score: Jay Franco, Toronto. (Download here: drive.google.com/open?id=1KyL-cCoOZwWh1e7w6qDy_gC9DUdSITop ) COMPOSERS: English hymns composed by: Desmond Paes, SDB (nos. 15, 17); Ronnie Menezes, SDB (n. 3); Peter Gonsalves, SDB (nos. 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 20, 21) Italian hymns composed by: F. D'Aria & L. Guida (n. 2); A. Lagorio (n. 4); G. Stefani (n. 6); D. Machetta (7, 8, 11); V. Cipri & A. Mancuso (n. 9); V. Meloni (n. 12); L. Scaglianti & L. Bancolini (n. 13); Gen Rosso (n. 16). SOUND DESIGN, Choir and Recording: Amon Daniels SOLOISTS: Ella Castellino Atai (Mary!), Sandhya D’Mello (Come O Lord! & Mamma Mary), Priya D'Silva (Thank you Mother Mary), Bosco Rodrigues and ‘Faith & Harmony Inc’ (A Prayer for India), Bryan Rodrigues & Shalini Fernandes (Who is my Mother?), Rhea Rachel Fernandes (We Bring You Flowers) CHOIR of St. John Bosco Church, Borivili & friends: Angela D'souza, Asha Pinto, Bryan Rodrigues, Canute V. D'souza, Dilency D'costa, Elizabeth Gonsalves, Epiphanio Pereira, Francis Bennet D'souza, Frederick V. Saldanha, Ivor Vaz, Lionel Vaz, Neslin Pinto, Pranali Bhosle, Remilda J. D'souza, Rhea Rachel Fernandes, Shalini Fernandes, Shefali D'souza, Sheryll D’silva, Stephenraj David and Vincent Dias. COPYRIGHT: This is a not-for-profit educational initiative. The Italian hymns are taken from the hymnals 'Nella Casa del Padre' (1997) and 'Cantinfesta' (2004) with the permission of © 'Elledici', Turin, Italy. RECORDED: Tej-Kiran, Matunga, Mumbai DISTRIBUTION: Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai - 19 _________________________________ 01. Mary [00:00] 02. Mary, Our Golden Sunlight [04:17] 03. We Bring You Flowers [08:20] 04. Mother of Hope [10:32] 05. Come, O Lord [13:32] 06. Elizabeth’s Song [18:00] 07. Hail, Virgin Mother [20:30] 08. Virgin Pure [24:15] 09. To Be Like Mary [27:35] 10. Mamma Mary [30:45] 11. Who Is My Mother? [33:17] 12. Holy Mary [36:46] 13. Youthful Madonna [39:54] 14. O Mary Help of Christians [43:19] 15. Hail to the Virgin Mary [46:29] 16. Anointed for Humanity [48:15] 17. Independence [51:51] 18. O Most Holy One [54:13] 19. Hail Dear Joseph [56:28] 20. Thank You Mother Mary [59:27] 21. A Prayer for India [1:01:55] CREDITS [1:06:09]

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