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Billboard 100 Japan

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  • Title: JAPAN TOP SONGS 2020 - Billboard Japan Hot 100 Year-End Chart
  • Uploader: BillboardJK
  • Duration: 26:12
  • Size: 35.98 MB
  • Views: 14,953
  • PublishedAt: 2020-12-06 11:07:24
  • After so many weeks of predictions, the Year-End Top 100 is finally out. So... who will emerge on top? Even though I started (or resumed?) making the Top 25 videos almost halfway through the year, I'm pretty sure most of you kinda expected who will be at the top. After all, that song was in every single video I made. But the Top 20 is pretty much full of familiar faces, with most of the songs still present on the Weekly Hot 100. I also added some chart details like last year/years on for the chart. This data is compiled manually by me, so I cannot 100% guarantee its accuracy, but I think it is an interesting detail to add. There are also some fun statistics at the end of the video, if you're into that sort of thing. I find it particularly interesting that a whopping 3 songs have been on 5 Year-End Hot 100, too bad Kiseki isn't here this year. So, do comment below on your thoughts on the chart. What's your favorite song on the list? Or your least favorite? But please keep it civil. With 2020 coming to an end, I hope that this video brings you some joy and have a great holidays. I plan to continue making these videos, but the Hot Albums and Hot Animation chart probably won't be out so soon. Finally, hope you all enjoy the video :) -------------------- Disclaimer and Stuff -------------------- Some music video and soundtracks are modified due to label claims. This video is not available in all countries. All video clips used to make this video are copyright and owned by the recording artists and their labels. No Copyright Infringement intended. Chart source: billboard-japan.com/charts/detail?a=hot100_year&year=2020 #billboardjapan #billboard #jpop #hot100 My favorite song on the list is #71. Hope to see more Hip-hop/rap songs like this and #49 in the future. Least favorite on the list is #100. My least favorite song of 2020 is not in the Year-End Hot 100.

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